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Designed to utilise its buyancy by unweighting the legs of the swimmer, the 4-LAYERS PULLBUOY from Aquaspeed allows the user to completely focus on training the upper body parts. Held between the thighs or ankles, the 4-LAYERS PULLBUOY helps develop a correct body position, arm strokes and breathing technique during swimming. By isolating the upper and lower body parts, the 4-LAYERS PULLBUOY allows the swimer to increase the strength of the arms and overall stamina. 4-LAYERS PULLBUOY is made from four layers of highest quality dense, very durable and comfortable to touch EVA foam, which guarantees high durability of the product and its optimal properties in water. 4-LAYERS PULLBUOY is characterised by its compact dimensions and light weight making it a perfect companion for all trips to a swimming pool.


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