Snorkeling fins BOUNTY size 27-31 col. 11

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These great open heel snorkeling fins are compact in length, which makes them great for traveling, thanks to reduced bulk and weight. Due to smaller than usual blade size, BOUNTY fins are perfect for snorkeling, easy recreational diving and pool use. 

Thanks to their construction, BOUNTY fins are very stable during swimming, thanks to vented blades that channel water and provide excellent performance. The rubber elements at the bottoms of the blades channel water along the fins, further increasing efficiency. Additional strengtheing ribs increase the rigidity of the fins and greatly enhance their durability. Rubberized bottom of the fins prevent the user from sliping on wet surfaces. 

The open heel foot pockets of BOUNTY fins are soft, flexible and feature wide adjustable straps which, thanks to modern buckle system, can be easily adjusted and even removed altogether if needed. BOUNTY can be used on bare feet or with neoprene shoes and will fit a large range of feet sizes. The holes in the bottom section of the foot pocket allow sand and pebbles, which would otherwise irritate the foot, to leave the foot pocket together with the water flowing out of it. 

BOUNTY are made from modern, durable and long-lasting materials and are available in two attractive colour schemes.


Collective packaging:
EAN code:
  • 5908217655660
Trade index:
  • 725

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