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The BORA mask-goggles from Aquaspeed offer excellent vision and watertight seal for swimming and watersports. 

The gasket of these one piece goggles is made of extremely soft, non-toxic silicone made from LSR (Liquid Silicone Rubber) to provide exceptional durability and comfort. LSR is extremely long-lasting and damage resistant, retaining elasticity normally lost when exposed to high and low temperatures and UV rays. These LSR goggles offer a very secure (due to the low volume inside the goggle and materials used), high-comfort and leak-proof fit for all face shapes. 

The large specially prepared lenses made of damage resistant Hard High Grade Polycarbonate feature Anti Fog and UV protection, superb field of vision and fashionable look. The goggle shape is highly hydrodynamic, great for rough water, and the sporty design keeps close to the face helping to eliminate vibration created by rapid speed in the water. 

BORA goggles have easy and quick-to-use QuickFit strap buckles which help quickly and precisely adjust the length of te strap to maximise comfort. BORA are available in six exciting colour combinations, some of which feature tinted and some clear lenses. Thanks to its features, BORA goggles are a perfect choice for both indoor and outdoor swimmers who value comfort and who require excellent field of vision.


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